Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week 15

Dress - vintage/ Gumboots - The Warehouse/ Ring - Phil Walker

Woohoo amazing, I finally got around to getting some belly (if you squint you can see one) shots!  The problem with having a partner who is a photographer is that he always has too much of his own work to do to have time for personal photo sessions!  Well we finally got a glimpse of sunshine so my sister and I ran outside and she kindly snapped a few pictures for me.

So we're now midway through week 15 (Monday marks 4 months!) and things are going pretty great.  I'm really getting used to this whole being pregnant thing and keep swinging between feeling like time is either going too fast or too slow!  I'm sleeping really well, I don't have any crazy cravings (although I could probably go for a falafel kebab almost everyday) and have a lot more energy than I had done in the first trimester. Having said that I still crash out in the evenings and need to have an afternoon lie down if I know I have a busy night ahead.  My only real gripe is that I get off and on aching in my back, lower belly, butt and thighs.  It feels a lot like I remember growing pains did when I was a teenager!  I started taking extra magnesium supplements which seem to help a lot but I still get it occasionally and it makes me a little grumpy.

Otherwise we are just super excited and keep dreaming about what life will be like this time next year.  We haven't bought any new baby things yet (somehow it feels way too early) but do have a small collection of super cute vintage pieces.  We have decided not to find out the sex before hand and I'm kind of liking the gender neutral challenge that comes with it!

Spring has just started here which means we are that much closer to summer (my favourite season).  It just makes everything so much more pleasant!  I am also starting to get a lot more work pouring in, so between styling, vintage and the little catering company I work for my days are definitely getting busier. I must say that after 3 months of being a complete recluse and avoiding everything, this is a really welcome change!

Okay, well hopefully next week I can get that guy of mine to take the 16 week photos and they'll be a little more professional (not that my sister didn't do a great job :)).


  1. LOL, like my friend who is a hairdresser - her husband gets his haircut at a salon because she will never cut it for him.

    Your belly is cute as a button.

  2. So nice to see your little bump, it's such a lovely time, the middle trimester. I'm about to email you re some styling advice, hope you can help :) x

  3. awwww congratssss! Soo exciting! Sorry, I just realized you were expecting and that's just so great!


  4. Oh, I envy you: spring in September? What kind of magical world do you live in? I am already dreading the demise of the green leaves and their beautiful death which leads to the frozen ground and cold nights.

  5. Congrats!! You two must be very excited. =) Funny what you mention about your husband not having time for your personal photo shoot... never would have thought of that!