Saturday, October 13, 2012

20 weeks (HALF WAY!!)

Dress - vintage (bought in Paris last year)/ Gumboots - The Warehouse/ Hoodie - AS Colour

What, when did this happen?!  Now that we've crossed the half way mark, the grand finale seems SO much more real.  To think that in four and a half months time I'm going to be a little somebodies mama is just crazy (in the best kind of way though).

Phew it has felt like a crazy busy week.  I spent the last 10 days home alone while Nic gallivanted around the country on a photography project.  For the first week I hung around feeling very sorry for myself and missing him a whole lot.  Then I finally realised that I wasn't doing myself any favours and needed to pull myself together, so I filled the second week with work, dinner dates, and even a concert.  Yup that's right, I took the kid to it's first Psychobilly show!  The Nekromantix  played in town and I scored myself some cheap tickets so figured why not.  I was a little bit nervous about being bumped into but managed to hang out at the back and steered clear of the mosh pit so it was no problem.  After a full day of moving and kicking the baby was finally still for most of the night (or until the music ended anyway), so now I'm thinking hmmm, is loud punk music what this kid likes as lullaby's??  It also experienced its first burlesque show too last night and seemed quite happy kicking away to the tantalising music, and whoops and whistles!  It was great to be able to catch the lovely Rosina Lee in her last show before the arrival of her little man too. She was looking great and put me to shame by shimmying and dancing around the room while I had to go and find myself a chair to plonk my butt down on half way through.

Oh and I bought the first item of baby clothing this week too! It's a little onesie from Hunter Gatherer, it has both a sailing ship and stripes on it so I really couldn't resist!  I have plans to make a lot of things as well as commissioning grandparents to knit blankets etc so am really hoping I don't have to buy a ton of baby bits from tacky chain stores. 

Other than that everything is just swell.  The kid is in full action mode now and loves nothing more than to get a good work out in just as I want to wind down for the day.  The moving I can handle but the kicks still give me such a fright and I'm sure it's having a good giggle about that!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of week 21 which means there are officially less pregnant weeks left than what we've already had.  Kind of blows my mind!


  1. Yay! It was great to cath up with you! What you didnt see was me sitting int he green room on my tri pillow resting between routines etc. I popped into Hunter gatherer as well while on a mission for food, soo many treasures xx

  2. Oh my god, these photos are SO SO SO adorable! They are making me all clucky and mushy. You are gonna be the hippest couple on the block (/farm!)

  3. WHAT? How did you get to halfway so fast? And you still look as cute as a button!

  4. Such nice pictures!
    You look so pretty!

  5. Rosina - Ha ha okay that doesn't make me feel quite so bad then ;).
    Georgia - Aww thanks you're the sweetest!
    Miss Tallulah - I know right! Where did the time go?! And now I'm already midway through week 21 and trying to decide weird things like how close up to my due date to keep working etc.

    1. Just cocentrate on baby names, maternity styling, nursery decoration and baby clothes shooping. Much more fun.

  6. Wow! You are the most adorable pregnant lady! Congratulations on being halfway there! =D