Monday, October 15, 2012

Pull your socks up and get over it...

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of interviewing an 86 year old woman about her fashion experiences during WWII.  Funnily enough she couldn't understand why I could possibly be interested in such a dull time... but that's another story for another project that you'll have to wait for.

What I really wanted to tell you about is the valuable lesson I learned from that conversation.  You see here I am this morning sitting at my computer procrastinating and complaining (to myself and the baby... because I'm home alone) about how sorry I'm feeling for myself.  The house is a mess, I woke up with a headache after a sleepless night, my back aches, I really need to head out to the post office but it all seems like too much effort... you get the idea right?  And then I suddenly remembered what Agnes told me several times yesterday, you just got on with it!  There were clothes to be sewn, washing to be boiled in the copper tub, floors to be scrubbed by hand, food to be prepared from scratch, war efforts to participate in etc.  There just wasn't time to sit around and feel sorry for yourself! 

So what if you had a bad day.  Pull yourself together, get on with your work and hope that tomorrow you wake up on the right side of the bed! And that's exactly what I'm going to go and do, enough with the self pity already!


  1. That's a good advice for me too. Thank you, dear!
    I hope you're feeling fine now. Hugs from Miss Maple

  2. Oohh... I am VERY EXCITED about this interview.

  3. O,I'll be keen to hear more about this interview!
    I go by that saying all the time,probably having parents who lived during the war(my Father fought in Tarakan)is where I got it from. I usually use it as "gritting my teeth and getting on with it"! I'm also rather pragmatic, and can knuckle down when I have to.
    It's great it perked you up to remember those words of wisdom!!
    Rock ON!XXX

  4. Sounds like an exciting project!! Hehe, I think I like this Agnes already. =)

  5. Yep, we've got it pretty sweet really. Sometimes it takes conversations like that to remind us though :) x

  6. I needed that, also excited about this interview

  7. I do have a dressing room, which is just the second bedroom, really. It does has racks of clothes. But also a beautiful antique club lounge that you cannot see for all the clothes thrown onto it. AND washing baskets of things I need to put away. :(

    1. Ha ha oh dear! I have a room at my mothers house that looks quite similar. What was she thinking when she said that I could store some things at her house?! Do you rotate your wardrobe so it's seasonal and you pack away the clothes you don't need? If I didn't do that my wardrobe would explode!

  8. Phew I'm just sitting here with 3 pages full of notes trying to figure out how to start this article about our dear Agnes. She was so sweet and we ended up nattering for nearly 2 hours! I've got to say that I really did use the 'just get on with it' advice today and amazingly enough it really worked!

    Miss Helga - Oh I imagine having war parents would be very different to having spoilt baby boomer parents! When I'm at work I can really grit my teeth and get on with what needs to be done, but when I'm at home I'm afraid I can be a bit soft and have been known to feel sorry for myself!