Friday, October 19, 2012

NZ Vintage Magazine - Naming Competition

Fancy getting the chance to name a brand spanking new vintage magazine?  Read on my friends!...
Exciting news New Zealand vintage enthusiasts - a new online vintage magazine will be launching January 2013! Offering news, views and interviews for the guys as well as the dolls, in depth features, food, fashion, fast cars and fabulous pinups, there will be something for everyone.

Now is it just us in the writing team, or has everyone dreamed of how fun it would be to name things for a job? Luckily, none of us has actually been employed to do this because we would have all been fired by now! We have lots of fantastic content for the magazine, but we cannot decide on a title.

So rather than us going round and round in naming circles, we thought we should open it up to everyone and the winner, as chosen by public vote, gets their name on the magazine and a feature in the first issue.

Enter your idea on the facebook page before the 1st November, we will pick three lucky entries to go to a public vote. Share this with your friends, put your naming fedora on and have a go!

A few guidelines...

Think 'vintage' rather than 'retro'
Must appeal to guys and gals
Can't be too decade or era specific
Keep it short and snappy
Have fun!
 Check it out here.

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