Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 21

 Dress - retro (made by my grandmother)/ Hat - pinched off Nic!
Photos by Nic Fletcher

Photo with Mika

Photo of Nic by yours truly 
(can you tell that we're very serious people??)

Woohoo another week is almost been and gone. 
I won't lie, this one has been a little more uncomfortable than other recent weeks. I've really felt like I'm being stretched these past few days, like this kid is fighting to make more room! The funny thing is that although I grumble a bit, I don't really mind that much.  If it's room that my little darling needs then room it shall get and I'll just suck it in and deal with the discomfort!
We had our 5 month midwife check up this week and everything seems to be going great.  We were a little taken back when, after she had listened for the heartbeat (which still sounds like a little race horse to me), she blurted out,
 'It's a boy!'.
"What?!  Really?!", we gasped.
"No, not really, next time I'll probably tell you it's a girl".
What a mean trick to play!  Ha ha either way I am still utterly convinced that it's a girl.  Only time will tell though. 
This week we have also started to think about all the things we are going to need soon.  Yikes there's so much to think about!  And how come nobody told us how expensive kids are??  I mean $600 plus just for re-usable nappies?  That's crazy!  We better stop eating out so much and start putting more of that into our savings quick smart.  It has been pretty adorable seeing Nic start obsessing over prams and bassinets though.  I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have a guy who is so excited to become a father.
Oh by the way do you follow Junkaholique?  They just had their adorable little baby girl.  She's half English, half Japanese and is going to be a stunner for sure!
P.S I had a real wardrobe crisis for this weeks shoot. The dresses that I had in mind for it... didn't fit!  I totally underestimated that everything, not just my belly, would expand!  Then at the last minute I remembered that my mum still had some dresses in her cupboard that my grandmother made for when she was pregnant with me.  So I snuck up and grabbed some, and am hoping that I don't get in trouble for going through her things while she is away!

P.P.S I need a haircut!


  1. Yeh it's amazing how the body grows and changes in pregnancy! Freaky! In a good way!

    Yes expensive... but you can buy stuff second hand (prams etc..) I have an old one (or 2 or 3 lol!) that does the job for us.. Vintage styley.

    You look great in your Gran's dress.. Maternity dressing is a challenge isn't it! - you'd better get to the op shops!!! Nana dresses all the way!

    1. Oh yeah we're definitely going to make use of Trade Me! As well as hiring a few bits and bobs from Baby on the Move with things we're only going to need for a few months. Ha ha this is definitely going to be a baby on a budget... whilst still keeping everything as cute as can be!

  2. I've been enjoying these posts! & I must say you've done remarkably well so far with your vintage dresses. I guess you're at the tricky stage now- it's weird how it's just so impossible to predict how your body will change.
    When I was pregnant we found all the things you "need" pretty overwhelming. We got a layette list from a shop that really helped- we just ignored the things we thought were silly. You don't need much really! And with cloth nappies we bought one or two a week to spread the cost out. There are some inexpensive ones on trademe too :)

    1. Oh thank you:). You're right though I really am getting to the tricky stage. I'm trying to just see every step as a new challenge! Great idea with the list and the nappies too. I think if we start buying and collecting early enough (aka NOW) so that it won't be so over whelming later. Checked out your blog by the way, your clothes are adorable! xx

  3. You are the cutest!! Seriously. Love you style.