Thursday, November 15, 2012

25 weeks

Dress - Vintage (bought for $2 in Christchurch)/ Lipstick - Vanity Case
Photo by Nic Fletcher

I know I say this all the time, but wow the weeks are just flying by!  We're getting awfully close to out third trimester already and before we know it we're going to be real life parents! We have finally started buying a few little items of clothing etc.  So far they have either been cute little individual pieces from local designers and crafters, but the majority are coming from Nature Baby.  I'm not as bothered when it gets older but I feel like a newborn deserves soft, organic, fuss free clothes for the first little while.  The problem is that every time I go into a shop I am so overwhelmed that I end up walking out again empty handed!  I have finally asked my mum if she'll come with me so that I can get an expert opinion.

As far as the baby, belly and I go... things are chugging along nicely I think!  I very much have a pregnant looking belly now (finally at 6 months!), it still gives me a fright when I catch reflection in the mirror sometimes.  I've got to say though, I kind of love it!  My body has just totally changed now and I hardly recognise my old self in it.  Really the only downside for me is that my lower back gets so sore, especially if I've been walking or standing for a while.  I've gone back to doing my pilates stretches which I think is helping a little bit, and I'm really trying to focus on my posture.  This sweet little baby is just so cute though that I can't complain too much.  It has some quiet days every now and then which I try not to freak out about, because then the next day it will suddenly be so active that I struggle to concentrate on anything else!

We were supposed to have our first antenatal class this week (a bit early I know but it was the only one we could do because of the up coming summer holidays).  Unfortunately I had to head out of town for a funeral and couldn't make it so Nic ended up going by himself.  I thought that was just the sweetest, most beautiful thing!  I don't know many guys who would be brave and willing enough to do that on their own.  It just reminded me again how lucky I am to have a guy like that, and how lucky this kid is to have a papa who is so excited!  We also have our 6 month midwife appointment next week where my belly is getting measured for the first time.  I'm both nervous and excited for this one, I get so sick of people telling me how 'small' my belly is.  Aghh!

On a separate note, I really need for it to hurry up and get warmer because I am down to one pair of jeans that fit me... and I want to finally make use of the big stack of dresses I have collected.


  1. You are looking wonderful - hope your 6 month appointment goes well. Yes, I totally agree it does need to warm up a bit!

  2. You are just the most adorable thing! That's so sweet that Nic would go by himself! I hope all is well with your midwife app!!