Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Studio

Let me tell you, that mother of mine is one talented lady!  I am constantly in awe of what she achieves and how no task ever seems too daunting for her.  I'm especially proud of her amazing pottery.  She began learning pottery over 30 years ago (just before I came along and put a halt to everything).  She then went on to raise five children, run a small farm, keep a huge vege garden and generally get on with life.  Then when my youngest sister started school my mum finally had time to pursue her own interests again.  Pottery crept back into the picture and she's never looked back.  Not only is she always selling in galleries, exhibiting in some pretty impressive places and winning awards, she also seems to constantly get invited to the most exotic corners of the world because of her work.

Every year before Christmas she holds an open day.  The benches a scrubbed, pottery is pulled out from the furthest reaches, cakes are baked, flowers picked from the garden and the studio doors flung open for all to come and see the workspace.  This year was a particularly big success and it was so nice to see how excited people were when they walked in.  To us she's just our mum, but to others she's clearly somewhat of an inspiration.  You might even say she has a fan following!

Anyway I just wanted to share a bit of her studio and what has become my absolute favourite place to go and hang out!


  1. Awesome! What a beautiful serene looking scene.. Talented mum, for sure!

  2. So nice! Can we please come and visit when we're in town?

  3. OMG.She's AMAZING!!!!
    I loooove potetry, and even learnt to throw on the wheel for a while, with aspirations to become this good....but I'm pretty hopeless!
    Blown away, i am!