Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DIY bedroom makeover update

 Remember ages ago how I did a post on how I wanted to revamp our bedroom?  It has been a project that goes in little bursts, beginning with the plant pots I made.  Well we have since added a beautiful blue Indian throw from Trade Aid, I hung some luscious ferns from 70s macramé plant hangers that I found, have the window sill constantly dotted with bright flowers in old glass soda bottles and recently added a string of paper lace lanterns.  Slowly but surely this is transforming into a room that I love to hang out in!  I'm dying to share it with you properly but want to wait until I have the baby corner all set up as well (Eek which I should probably start thinking about more seriously in the coming weeks!).


  1. I love nesting posts!I have just done one of our lil boys nursery. I know your taking time off the old face stalk at the mo so letting you know that the Weeleda sleep drops gave me the best sleep I have had in months last night! Even though I still had to get up , the sleep part was restful. xxx

  2. you did a great job with your bedroom!!! I love it!!! I want to see the baby's corner!!!


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