Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to love (Summer Christmas)

I know I bring this up every year, but every year I'm determined to do things differently!  I'm not a grinch, in fact I love Christmas,  but I'm not a fan of pretending that it's the middle of winter when it's not!  I wait for this beautiful summer season so longingly every year that I just can't bare to start mucking around with fake snow and winter festive decorations.  I want to celebrate the warmth, the beautiful colours, flowers, ice cold drinks and days spent in long floaty dresses trying to keep cool.  So this year I'm really going to go for it and fill the place with flowers from the garden and big paper lanterns.  After all, Christmas in our family is more about coming together and having a good time than anything else.
Okay rant over :).
You can check out previous our (New Zealand) Christmas here.  Next year will of course be a whole different story because we're going to have a little almost one year old... and I can hardly wait!!


  1. I love that 2nd to last photo on the beach - my kind of dining! I'm getting ready for my eldest daughter's 10th birthday party. We've got some gorgeous bright coloured paper honeycomb balls, and paper poms poms to decorate. I'll use them for Christmas too, and then hang them in her room. I've never been a green & red kind of gal! x

    1. Oh cool I love the idea of decorations that you can reuse for other occasions!

  2. wow these are divine- very Parisian inspired and so colourful! Thank you for inspiring my next party :D

  3. I love all the pictures about summer Christmas and can understand when you don't want to pretend that it's winter. Although I can't imagine a summer Christmas cause I've never witnessed one. But sometimes I would like to have Christmas on the beach on a warm summer evening. Especially the second to last photo seems to be so ramantic. I'm looking forward to the photos of your Christmas decorations. Hugs from Miss Maple