Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to love (Street fashion)

 The Sartorialist
Well OF COURSE I had to start this blog off with the king of street fashion photography.  If I'm ever in a rut or need some fresh inspiration I come and check out the Sartorialist.  Let me tell you, this guy gets around!  He manages to capture the most amazing style from Paris to Soweto.

Street Peeper
This website has the most beautiful, vibrant photos, not to mention bizarre clothing.  A lot of it I would never wear, but I love to see what other people parade around in.  You really can't help but admire them!

International Street Style
I love, love, love to see how people from different parts of the world dress.  I find that styles can be quite location dependant.  For example, the Parisians stands out from the New Yorkers, the Spanish dress differently to the Italians etc.  I don't know whether it has to do with lifestyle or up bringing, but you can usually find a common theme!

Street and City Photos 
Goodness I really had no idea that there were so many NZ fashion street style blogs!  It's funny really because we are such a small country that you often find yourself spotting people you know!

Easy Fashion
This blog is always full of inspiring outfits and has me yearning for Paris in a big way!

I won't lie, I am sick to death of my wardrobe!  My style and the clothes I'm attracted to have definitely changed, if not 'grown up' as of late but somehow my wardrobe is still lagging behind.  As a result I find myself feeling increasingly uncomfortable in my day to day outfits and am dying for an upgrade.  So to get inspired, I have been trawling through all these fantastic street style blogs.  I don't think I necessarily have to buy a whole lot of new things (with this ever growing belly there is hardly any point anyway) but I do need to sort through what I have and see how I can wear it differently.


  1. Great post! I'm feeling sick of my wardrobe too, and to add to it, we're heading into winter which means layers and layers of bulky, often unflattering clothing.

    1. Oh I know what you mean. I really struggle when it comes to clothing in winter. I noticed a lot of good ideas in these street style blogs though. It made me wonder why I ever stopped wearing chunky sweaters etc!

  2. Yeaaaaah, I love street style sites too! Hadn't heard of 2 of these, MUST investigate! they're so good for inspiration!

  3. More stuff to keep me unproductive at my desk job (please! keep me occupied at my desk job!). I can't BELIEVE that red chiffon ruffle dress. Thanks for the inspiration sites! :)

  4. I love The Sartorialist - the best kind of people watching. One of fav fashion blogs is - that girl would look good in a paper bag :) x

    1. Wow she really WOULD look good in a paper bag! Ha ha thanks for that link, I can see how my morning is going to be spent!

    2. Ok the more I look on her blog the more I think I'm developing a girl crush on her!

  5. Love the third picture :):)