Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 23

 I have a confession, for the first time NOTHING I'm wearing is actually vintage!  But I do love this dress that I recently found which I think has quite a vintage look to it.
Photos byNic Fletcher

Oh no we missed a week and now we're nearly into week 24!  In fact I haven't had time to do any blogging for quite sometime now.  Between a heavy workload, a ton of house guests, birthdays, bbq's, spring colds and other events I am one tired mama right now!  I am very excited to have a more quiet week coming up where I can catch up on exciting things like housework, blogging and DIYing.

But back to the baby business!  I must say that other than being worn out and having an achy back most of the time, things are going great.  Let me tell you, this is one active little baby right now and I love it!  I feel like I can't remember a time when I didn't have a little wiggle in my belly all the time.  The only thing I don't appreciate so much is the constant kicking on my bladder.  One minute I'm sitting there quite normally and the next I have to make a mad dash for the bathroom!

It is definitely getting harder to try and find clothes that fit.  Even though everybody always comments on how small my belly is (which I have to admit does get on my nerves a bit) when I look at myself naked in the mirror I can hardly believe how much my body has transformed.  Since I wrote here last I caved and ended up buying a pair of black maternity jeans so that I would have something else to wear to work.  But that's it!  I don't intend on spending any more money on maternity clothes.  It really seems pointless when you only wear them for such a short time. I sure am looking forward to when I can wear dresses all the time in summer.

We're really starting to think more about what this baby is actually going to need.  We're not doing too badly at the moment!  One friend has kindly given us her baby car seat (yes I know they say you should buy new ones but this one comes from a very reliable source that I trust), another friend has lent us her bassinet, we acquired a perfect chest of drawers last night from my younger sister who just moved house, and my mum has offered to buy us a pram (stroller) for Christmas.  So you see we have the major items mostly sorted out.  It is pretty important to us that everything else is either eco friendly, organic and/ or handmade so I have been going a little crazy on the likes of Etsy etc finding the perfect pieces.  More on that another time though.
P.S A good friend of mine recently told me that she is also pregnant and will be due a few months after me.  We're both pretty excited about that!


  1. I adore that dress, you look lovely! I was wondering if you want me to pick up any baby/infant clothes for you at the opshop I volunteer at? We get SO much good stuff in and it's all very cheap, I would be happy to pick up any of the cutest things I find and send them your way. I nearly wept at the 10 amazing little knitted jerseys someone donated last week.

    1. Oh yes please that would be fantastic!! He he just as long as they are unisex ;). xx

    2. I've found a couple of very sweet but very girly things - a tiny 60s-ish gray dress and a top+bloomers set in a Liberty-esque floral, as well as a nice knit cardi that is definitely unisex but not quite newborn size - maybe 12-18 months. Would you like them? No doubt if your wee one turns out to be a boy you could pass the girlier items onto a friend or family member?

    3. Oh yes please if you don't think you're going to need them any time soon ;). Ha ha silly me found a beautiful jacket yesterday... that the kid won't fit until they're about 10 years old! I couldn't help myself. What is your email address? Or feel free to message it to me via the Dashfield Facebook page if you prefer. Thank you very much for that. xx

  2. You look gorgeous, I loved wearing dresses when I was pregnant. But I also bought a pair of preggy jeans. They got plenty of wear for all my pregnancies and they then got donated to my girlfriend. Enjoy your quiet week. x

  3. I like your wonderful dress combined with the wellies. You're looking happy, young and fresh. Wish you the best! Hugs from Miss Maple

  4. That dress is perfect on you. And I agree-- having a friend who is pregnant at the same time will be invaluable! Especially later when you can bounce ideas off of one another about motherhood!