Thursday, October 25, 2012


1. Another lovely morning spent at our favourite cafe Cosset.  Everything always looks so pretty here that I end up pulling my camera out almost every time.
2. Testing, testing.  Waiting for Nic to figure out the lighting on his fancy new camera.
3.  You know Spring has arrived when you find beautiful broken eggshells on the lawn.
4.  Wishing and longing that the pool was warm enough to dive into. So far it's just good for dangling feet into.
5. Celebrating a birthday with little cupcakes.  Of course we forgot candles so had to use a little match instead (because it's important to make birthday wishes regardless).
6. Sitting in the garden eating pea's.
7. Admiring the beautiful lamps at Neighbourhood bar in Kingsland.  Somebody did an excellent job of the interiors.
8. Finding cafes without surcharges on labour day to indulge in coffee fixes.


  1. I'm DYING for those lamp shades at Neighbourhood!!! So amazing!!! Not far from where my old man lives..

    Peas from the garden are SO GOOD!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the upside down shades - what a cool idea. x