Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh so quiet

It feels like there has been endless silence on this blog at the moment.  Trust me though when I say that behind the scenes it's all systems go!  Between finishing work, getting ready to open the new online Dashfield store, getting caught up in Christmas madness, cooling off at the beach in between and trying to make sure I am as prepared as possible for the arrival of our little one in a couple of months... well I just haven't had time for much else!  Life is a whole lot of different levels of exhausting, stressful and completely amazing at the moment.  I am also seriously thinking about beginning a second blog. I've never felt terribly comfortable about posting personal things on this one (you may have noticed over time how I sway in and out of doing that), but now my sister and her husband are off to live in Paris, my dearest friends and family are speckled all over the country and globe, my brother is in Canada and to be quite honest it makes me sad that they will be missing out on so much of this babies life.  Not to mention that I don't want to bore you with all my pregnancy/ baby/ daily life ramblings!  So my thinking is that I will just stick to shop talk and vintage lustings on this blog, and get more personal on another one.  that way if you're curious you can jump over for a peek but you won't be bombarded with it all the time.
Anyway so I mainly wanted you to know that things are still ticking along nicely here on the farm and if you'll bare with me for just a little while longer I'll be back in full swing again.
P.S This is the beach by our house (at low tide), aren't we just a little bit spoilt!

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  1. You are spoilt, that's a gorgeous beach. I know what you mean about busy, but like you, mine's a good busy too. I don't mind your personal posts at all :) x