Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don't forget to check the attic...

I could almost have cried with joy this morning when I came across a big old cardboard box at the back of my mums attic marked 'dolls clothes'.  And even happier when I opened it up to find my grandmothers dolls clothes from when she was a little girl.  I hadn't been able to find them for years and had finally accepted the fact that they were gone.  They all come from Germany and (vaguely calculating my grandmothers age) would have been from around the early to mid 1930s.  They desperately need a wash and an iron, but these beauties are still in amazing condition and the tailoring that has gone into them is like nothing you would find today.  It is like they are really exact replicas of what my grandmother might have worn.  I'm fairly certain that there used to be more clothes unfortunately, I distinctly remember a little pair of leather shoes and some petticoats.  I also still have her doll, although she is safely packed away somewhere.  I called her Nina (because I called every doll I owned either Nina or Sophie) and although I loved her, she also creeped me out a bit.  Her face is made out of a sort of paper mache/ porcelain mix, she has rosy cheeks, delicately painted on facial features and real human hair.  Anyway I am so happy to be reunited with these things and plan to look after them very well, because as far as I'm concerned these are little pieces of history.

I actually also found boxes full of beautiful toys up in the attic that had once either belonged to myself, my mum or my grandmother.  One thing is for sure, we're not going to have to buy this kid too many new toys!


  1. Ooh those clothes are so cute! Can /i have them in adult size please?

  2. Oh I am so happy you found them!!! I have a wonderful collection of dolls clothes, but to have some that belonged to your grandmother makes them so much more special. Love V