Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week 36 (obligatory nudie shot!)

Well it's not everyday I get my kit off and plaster half nudie photos of myself on the internet... but Nic convinced me that it had to be done!  So here I am at 36 weeks (9 months), with a belly that may not look so huge but is definitely completely filled up with baby! 

After really enjoying these past few months of pregnancy and feeling like it was the best thing I've ever done, I'm suddenly getting rather over it!  My back hurts, my nights are sleepless, my neck is sore from always sleeping on my side, I pee 10 million times a day, I'm getting practise contractions that are quite ouch and worst of all I'm too tired and awkward to do much of anything any more.  Ha ha but in between those times I still kind of love it.  I love how I can feel the baby exactly now, I know where all its limbs are, I can feel it's head and when we play little games when it stretches its feet out.  I love this baby SO much!

Other than that we really have everything prepared now I think.  In fact the only thing we till need is a foot pump to blow the birthing pool up faster.  I can't help but begin to feel just a tad nervous and anxious now that the big day is coming ever closer.  Funny, I felt so confident the whole time but recently out of the 6 people I know who have had babies in the last couple of weeks not a single one had a birth free of complications.  Occasionally I worry about my planned home birth, but then again as my sister reminded me tonight, we have our mums good genes and she gave birth to 5 kids with no problems at all!
So there you have it.  I'm sure we'll get to squeeze another photo or two in before this little one arrives.
 You can find week 34 here.


  1. Gorgeous!! You are definitely glowing.

  2. You look fantastic. As for the birth good luck!

  3. You look soo beautiful! Remember after labour its completely worth it, I have already past those memorys and just stare at our little man for hours on end, its such an amazing experience xxx