Friday, January 18, 2013

Old Hollywood Starlet Mama's

Audrey Hepburn

Rita Hayworth

Liz Taylor

Jackie Kennedy

Judy Garland

Grace Kelly

Did you know that all these Hollywood starlets were mama's too?  It's not something I had ever really given much thought to, nor did it seem to play a large roll in their public lives.  But these stunners all had at least one child and of course looked like the perfect mothers holding their babies.  I have read enough biographies on some of these women to know that a lot of them wouldn't have won any 'mother of the year' prizes but non the less they came from a time when getting married young and having babies was still very much the thing to do.  I would definitely be intrigued to find out what their children turned out like and whether they followed in their parents foot steps.


  1. Brava, I often wonder what they have inherited the children of these celebrities, whether it is a good or bad luck linked to their name.

  2. I love reading about starlet's personal lives and being a mom myself, I wonder how they balanced their huge careers with family life. Rita's daughter, Princess Yasmin is a pretty cool lady- she does a lot of charity work for Alzheimer's in the name of her mother. Judy's baby girl is Liza Minnelli- she totally fell from the same tree as her mama! Liz's kids did some acting too but nothing like Liz. One of her adopted daughters with Richard Burton is a clothing designer, which is pretty cool!!A lot of her children do charity too. Of course, I'm sure that some of them have pretty bad emotional damage from having a crazy actress as a mom but it's nice to hear about the ones that do great things with their names! :)

  3. These photos are so nice and sweet! It's nice to see such glamourous women in a motherly light.