Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Summer dinners: roast vege pasta

I had a dinner date for one tonight.  As much as I love to cook/ eat with others sometimes it's nice to just have something simple and sit down in front of your favourite tv show (in my case New Girl).  Tonight on the menu was pasta with roast veges (drizzled in lemon juice, olive oil and herbs... if you haven't tried them like this you must!), a good handful of whole basil leaves from my little garden and of course a generous pile of fresh parmesan cheese.  The only thing that was missing was a glass of wine to wash it down with!


  1. Hi Malayka, nice to visit you on your new personal blog. Hope baby is growing nicely :) I am such a huge pasta fan, and this looks delicious, must try that combination. x

    1. Why thank you for stopping by :). The baby appears to be growing very well (it's getting rather tight in there now)! I think this pasta would taste even better with fresh pasta... but then that defeats the point of a 'quick' dinner.