Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Green Fingers




Well here's a job I have meaning to do for the longest time!  I started this succulent garden about 10 years ago when I first lived in this little house (yes I've lived here several times... it's a long story really) and it basically got left to its own devices.  It looked great to begin with and that awful concrete wall in the background was covered in the most beautiful wisteria.  Unfortunately it started growing into the septic tank and causing all sorts of problem (ie toilet business suddenly coming back up out of the toilet!), so it had to be cut down.  Anyway... so the succulents, or rather the weeds around them, got totally out of control and it has bugged me for quite some time now.  I'm hoping that all the poor little guys who got overgrown will have a chance to spring back to life now.  I also gave a new home to my struggling basil plants.  Clearly they need some extra TLC during these hot summer months!

It feels great to sit outside and admire my tidy new garden, but let me tell you, for somebody who is 8 and a half months pregnant I think I was pushing it a bit.  My back was so sore that night I could hardly walk properly!  Sometimes I forget that I can't do all the things that I used to be able to.  This garden of ours just keeps getting more wild though so there are plenty of gardening jobs to continue with.  At some point I plan on building a small kiddie garden filled with things like carrots, sweet peas and strawberries.  I remember when I was young that there's was nothing greater than crouching in your very own garden patch eating vege's straight from the plant!

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