Saturday, February 9, 2013

A snippet of the Glory Days launch party

This past Friday night the first official issue of Glory Days magazine was celebrated with a hiss and a roar!  Burlesque beauties shimmied and teased the audience, the DJ had the crowd bopping to every ones favourite rockabilly tunes, the bands had us shaking our hips and wow did people bring out their best vintage finery!  The hair, the make up, the dresses... it was amazing!  Unfortunately for me (with my due date being a mere two weeks away) I had no hope at all of fitting any of my vintage dresses and felt distinctly under dressed!   Still I was kind of proud of myself for making it out at all ;).

The party itself sold out before the night and the magazine has had a fantastic response from readers, so it's full steam ahead for the next issue!  I really enjoyed being part of the first issue and look forward to working with everybody again.  Although my content may be a little limited this time while I adjust to life with a newborn.  I will certainly keep you posted though.


  1. O, that looks like a brillant night!
    And you, you are a gloriously sumptuous watermelon!
    You are looking wonderful, truly, not puffy or tired, just glowing! Can't be long now.....!!

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time and you do look wonderful!
    I tagged you to participate in the Leibster Blog Award! If you're interested here's the details

  3. Hey, I've been on a two months long vacation and missed everything here. I guess you got your baby now, hope everything is well :)
    You looked truly amazing two weeks to due date, btw!