Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Something a little different

My goodness it has been a while! I wanted to keep this as a diary but seriously, who has time for sitting down at a computer with a baby around?!  Not me, that's for sure.  Life is good though, life is really good!
One thing I've had trouble adjusting to though is life as a housewife.  That endless piles of washing, a house that is dirty no matter how much time you spend cleaning it, and a baby that needs to nap every two hours was getting me a little down.  I felt like I was getting major cabin fever, most days we didn't even bother getting dressed until after lunch.  So I decided to ditch the house work (or not stress about it so much), bundle up the baby, throw my old sneakers on and go exploring everyday.  I realised that I have never taken the time to really check this place out, I always thought that because we're not in the city there can't be anything interesting to do.  Oh how wrong I've been all these years!  We've headed out everyday for two weeks now and have stumbled upon the most stunning beaches, hidden waterfalls, lonely bush tracks, native forests.  It's a perfect little package, Ayana takes her morning nap, I get some exercise (and try to shift that annoying last bit of baby fat), we get fresh air and we're somewhere new everyday.  We head out rain, wind or shine (choosing our walks accordingly) and it feels AMAZING!
I have been documenting our walks on Facebook everyday and have had so many people asking about them that I thought I might start writing about them here.  I'll do my best to share all the info you need to check these places out too.

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