Sunday, September 29, 2013

Any given Sunday

Here's the thing about Sundays, they have to start with waffles/ pancakes covered in lashings of whipped cream  and drenched in real Canadian maple syrup.  And to wash the whole lot down there has to be coffee... strong, black coffee.  Sunday is the day for over indulging and you've got to start it with a swing. 

This afternoon we had our regular cafe catch up with family (I told you the over indulging doesn't stop) and Ayana put on quiet the show.  We had THAT child in the cafe today!  She sat on the table screaming like a banshee whilst banging a plastic glass on whatever she could find.  Every hipster in the place shuddered and pushed their dark glasses further over their mascara stained eyes.  This was a place for recovering from hangovers, not creating extra headaches!  Why doesn't this child's mother DO something?!  I thought about it, I really did, but then I couldn't really wipe the crooked smirk off my face.  She was having fun, and it was just a little bit funny to watch them squirm.  I know, shame on me.

The rest of the day was fairly quiet.  A little walk, a little sleep, a few chores and an easy dinner.
Good night. x
P.S I'm playing around with photoshop at the moment so please excuse the different styles in photos.

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  1. Oh my word she is the essence of cute! Those eyes! And her wee frock. So sweet! Xx