Thursday, September 26, 2013

After the storm

We're house sitting again!  That of course includes cow, chicken, dog, cat and garden sitting too.  The last time we did this little Ayana was barely 3 months old and boy was it exhausting.  I feel like we have a much better handle on everything this time around and having all the extra responsibility somehow adds a bit more structure to our days.  Ask me again though when Thalia (my little sister) goes home, she's been amazing!
The night after Elena  (my mum... you'll get the hang these names) left, an almighty storm rolled in.  I lay awake in bed beside Ayana while pine cones pelted down from the tree's like heavy machine gun fire.  The house groaned and creaked under the strain but somehow managed to stay in tact.  Don't ask me why but in a storm I always like to pretend I'm on a big, old sailing ship stuck out at sea.  Still dreaming of a pirate life I guess ;).

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