Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY wedding: Flower crowns

I'm not a romantic at heart, I can't take romance seriously at all.  But every now and then I surprise myself.  Of course I made daisy chains out in the garden when I was young and wore them proudly until they wilted into my hair.  Although I never particularly admitted it as an adult, I always secretly yearned to wear a crown of wild flowers again like some kind of fairy queen.  So when Nic finally talked me into having a big wedding (I wanted to run off and elope) I knew this would be my chance!  I found some great wire covered in neutral ribbon the other day and decided to start experimenting.  Using fresh flowers requires some trial and error.  Not all flowers can withstand the heat, or last long once they have been cut and are without water.  I discovered that some of the most hardy (and beautiful) ones were growing in the field right beside our house.  If you ask me, a bunch of beautiful flowering weeds look much more romantic than some stuffy, expensive roses.  Anyway so operation flower crown is underway.  I would love for all the girls (and boys if they like) to be able to sit down together before the wedding and each make ourselves a beautiful crown to wear.  I read somewhere recently that you can even make them the day before and then pop them in the freezer... I'm currently putting this to the test!
So with no money in the budget for a professional hair stylist to come and make us over, these blooming beauties will have to do the trick.


  1. Happy happy new year sweet......oh so very excited that you are celebrating love with a wedding........lovely.
    Your little lady is just so beautiful, look at those curls.
    The floral crown will be just beautiful........just a wee tip the fridge will be great for keeping the flowers fresh.......the freezer will burn the flowers and make them brown very quickly, also if you pop a little floristry tape on the bottom of the stems it will lock in a little moisture. Yay I think a gardens of flowers in your hair is one of the prettiest things ever.
    Just a quick note, the very pretty white flowers look very much like hemlock (I maybe wrong) but if it is, it's very poisonous if you ingest it.........just in case a little poppet decides to have a wee chew.
    Sending happiness your way.
    Love v

    1. Oh goodness thank you very much for those tips! Especially regarding the hemlock! And bugger because it looked so pretty and is growing everywhere at the moment.