Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Four handmade kiddo clothing labels

Before Ayana was born we spent a small fortune on all organic, natural coloured (we didn't know the gender yet) newborn clothing.  I couldn't stand the idea of dressing our precious little bundle in chemical seeped, sweat shop clothing from The Baby Factory.  Then we realised how fast these small humans grow!  It felt like she needed new clothes every two weeks and that was getting pretty expensive!  So I made the most of sales and hunted out what ever cotton clothes I could.  The problem is that it didn't feel good and started weighing on my conscious.  Not only did I feel like I could never explain to Ayana why it is alright for people in slave labour conditions to work 18 hours a day to make the clothing we wear, but I also realised how many amazingly talented locals are struggling to make ends meet with their own lovingly hand crafting clothes.  As it turns out it doesn't cost a  whole lot more to buy locally, it just requires a bit of forethought because you have to do you're homework and track them down!  Here are a few that I have discovered over the past year.  Tell me these aren't so much cuter than all that store bought crap...

I discovered this little label when I stumbled upon their stall at the Wellington markets.  I barely had a baby bump yet but really couldn't resist... over a year later and she was finally big enough to actually be able to wear them!  From memory they are made by a sweet mama from Gisborne.

These handmade kiddo clothes are the creation of two very talented ladies from Wellington.  All the fabrics have been hand dyed and printed with non toxic colours and are so stinking cute that I'm really wishing they would make some in adult sizes! I only discovered them very recently but something tells me they're going to be a favourite!

Oh where would we be without Facebook?  Somebody suggested I check them out because they were having a sale on these cute pinafores. Sadly there were none left in Ayana's size but I fell in love with them all the same.  I think I'm going to start making these sweet little bibs a 'baby present' staple, seeing as how everybody around us seem to be breeding at the moment!

Ooo how cute is this shop?  There's really nothing here I don't want but those capes are really something else!  I love how everything is re-purposed  and made from vintage or old fabrics.
P.S If you haven't checked out FELT then you should.  So many great New Zealand handmade sellers.

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