Monday, February 17, 2014

KOKAKO: historic post office turned cafe

For years this old building on the corner of Williamson Ave in Grey Lynn stood casting a gloomy shadow over the shops.  It housed Auckland's most depressing post office. Outside it the local glue sniffers, meth heads and crazies huddled together on the park bench across the road screaming the odd obscenity at unlucky passerby's.  If only somebody would make use of that building and it's hidden deco charm, I often thought.  Then one day I heard a rumor, psst there's a new cafe in town!  They're roasting their own coffee, are quietly vegetarian  and proudly fair trade.  Going into town has become a bit of a luxury since we moved out to the country, but this one seemed worth making a trip for.  The transformation was amazing!  The space was light and bright, the staff (many old hospo comrades) were easy going and friendly, the food was unique and delicious, and when you really ran out of conversation you could let your gaze fix on the coffee roasters to the right.  Anyway it's safe to say we came back, and then again... and now it's our number one spot for a coffee fix in town.
Must try: The cold drip coffee!
Parking: Any side street is best (main street parking times have been reduced to 30 and 10 mins)
High chairs: Yup
Vegan/ Gluten free/ Vegetarian friendly:   Sure are

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  1. Love the review format and that they are child friendly, isn't interesting how we notice there things now. My grumble these days is I notice how many stores are not pram friendly xx