Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our vintage/ DIY wedding

Photo's by Juleon Green

We got married this past weekend!  Wow what a crazy ride, and what a huge challenge we set for ourselves (the organising, not the actual marrying part!).  We had a tiny budget (I'm talking TINY... like $3000 for a wedding of over 100 guests) but we knew we could pull it off.  We didn't want anything stuffy or traditional, we didn't want anybody else planning it for us or telling us what we should be doing.  We really wanted it to reflect us as individuals and our general lifestyle.  In the end it turned out exactly how we had imagined it and were thrilled when everybody told us it was one of the most personal, relaxed and beautiful weddings they had been to.  We felt the same way!  So how did we do it??  I'll break it down into a few posts but basically we got creative, we spent weeks and months getting crafty, we called in a LOT of favours, did some bartering, we looked at what we already had and decided how to best incorporate it.  The entire wedding came together because of the huge help and participation of our friends and family.  Having everybody cooking in the kitchen together for days, sewing decorations, doing the gardening etc really brought everybody together and created such an amazing atmosphere that carried right through to a few days afterwards.
Oh and psst... Nic, Ayana and I all wore vintage which I'm quite proud of.  Ayana's dress was a sweet little number that I found on Trade Me for a mere $5.00, Nic wore a suit from his huge vintage suit collection,and  my dress came from the lovely  Rose at Decadia Vintage.  I did my own make up and the flower crown was made from the wild carrot flowers that were growing all over the paddocks this summer. 
Anyway more on the wedding in later posts.


  1. Oh oh sweet......I am so very happy for you and your lovely family.....what an amazing day you must have had.
    When things come from the heart they are truly unforgettable..........
    You look so very very pretty and whimsical.
    Sending many blessing and happiness to you.
    Love v

  2. Congratulations to you & your sweet family. I can't wait to see some more photos. Looks like an utterly delightful day. Xx

  3. Only just reading your post now...huge congrats and so far looks absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait for further posts. I also have a very strong philosophy that weddings needn't cost much and people who use that as an excuse for putting off their wedding I find lame - you are the pudding proof :-)