Monday, March 3, 2014

Helena Christensen's bohemian New Zealand home

Some people are just born cool.  They radiate something that stops you in your tracks and leaves you wondering whether you want to be with them or simply be them.  It's a crush, pure and simple.  One of my big crushes, one of my idols is 90s supermodel Helena Christensen.  At a glance you think 'oh yeah, your typical model... a great rack, endless legs, skin that never ages.  Blah blah big deal'.  But then I stumbled upon her home  in The Selby on day and was blown away.  Not only is she still a model at 40 or 50, but she's also an amazing photographer, a one time vintage store owner AND has an interior style that you would rarely expect from a celebrity.  Her homes aren't vast impersonal mansions that have been put together by a snotty interior decorator. She doesn't show off her personal cinema, ten car garage and a wardrobe the size of a living room.  No, her spaces are full of personality, they're lived in, they're dotted with memories and of course unique vintage pieces.  Anyway so when I recently discovered that she has a little hideaway over here in New Zealand, it didn't surprise me to find that it reflected the same beautiful style as her New York apartment.
So am I right?  Isn't her home just a little bit amazing?!


  1. such a beautiful home, love that she has a secret hideaway here