Thursday, April 17, 2014

Autumn storm

When we woke up bright and early on Thursday morning it seemed as though nature had turned horizontal.   The thick line of bamboo that normally shelters our garden was on a dramatic lean, the rain whipped past the kitchen window, and the birds began chirping with irritation long before dawn broke.  We had quite literally just finished nursing our first cups of coffee for the day when the house suddenly went quiet.  The whirring, buzzing, beeping, humming... it all came to an abrupt halt.  There was an uncomfortable silence and then 'Ohhh it's the bloody power again'.  The THIRD power cut in a week!  Let me tell you, you quickly realise how much you rely on it when it's suddenly gone.  To be cooped up in our dark little house with no water (because we're on tank water so it requires the pump to be working), no light, no internet, no music and a raging storm outside just feels nothing short of archaic!  I know, I hear you muttering "First world problems", under your breath. And you're right of course.
When the storm finally cleared in the mid afternoon, I packed Ayana into the ergo and we checked out the damage on the farm.  The air was thick, humid and completely still, the light had an eery iridescent glow to it and the wildlife seemed to just sit there in a state of bewilderment.  Two hours later and we were still sitting down in the paddock beside the apple tree eating until our bellies ached.  Neither of us wanted to go back and sit in the house... ever again!

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