Sunday, April 20, 2014


If you live over this side of the world and you're not religious, then Easter is a bit of a bewildering holiday.  Rather than celebrating new life and colour, we're collecting fallen leaves in red, orange and brown.  We're just packing away our summer clothes and pulling our musty sweaters out of our wardrobes.  And it's still incredibly exciting, there's still that buzz in the air, and I'm still secretly counting down the days every year!
Every Easter all the 'kids' stumble into my mums house one after the other, usually nursing a hangover.  The coffee machine flies into action, the decorated eggs (for which the chickens are locked into their coop the previous week so that we don't have to hunt for their latest nest under the house first) are put on the table, and this year the smell of Saba's homemade hot cross buns fill the kitchen.  As everybody wakes up, the noise in the house goes up several notches and before long the friendly teasing, bickering, joking sets the tone for the day.  Let me tell you, this is when I am at my absolute happiest!  To be surrounded by all my siblings, their partners, and now Ayana too is my idea of a perfect day.  After breakfast we hunt for chocolate eggs (Ayana had a couple of little presents to find instead), steal eggs and swap eggs... and then crash out on whatever spare couch there is and sleep off the sugar comedowns.
Can't wait until next year.


  1. Lovely photos and your mum's house looks amazing!

  2. What a great idea, we didn't really do Easter this year due to painting the house.