Monday, April 14, 2014

Creative Common Occupation

As much as I love the idea of supporting small, independent fashion designers, I often find the garments unwearable.  They're more like pieces of abstract art then something I could actually figure out how to put on.  So yesterday when we plodded up the stairs to check out the Creative Common Occupation pop up shop I was blown away by the collections.  They were beautiful!  They were so simple and yet unique in their design, and best of all I could see myself wearing almost every piece (unfortunately my bank account was less cooperative otherwise I would have come tripping back down the stairs with a whole new wardrobe).
I've got to say though, I really fell hard for My Deer Fox's diamond bags (Ooo they're like origami) and Jyoti Kalyanji's seamless knitted homeware.  
Anyway listen to me prattle on!  I just wanted to tell you to go and check them out.  Their opening party is TONIGHT and they're only sticking around for a couple of days so don't dawdle. 
Creative Common Occupation
4 Cross St (behind Krd)
Opening party 7 - 9pm
More info here

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