Sunday, April 13, 2014

Links to love

Some people just have a way of capturing all the beauty in the world.  I'm always obsessed (aka wickedly envious) with talented travel photographers, so when I came across the Nishaantishu blog the other day my jaw pretty much hit the floor.  What a stunning way to capture an otherwise maybe depressing scene of rubbish and poverty.

I won't lie, I've been stuck in a bit of a rut lately and have been trying to figure out how to shake it... then just by chance I came across Practicing Simplicity!  It was like stumbling upon a little ray of sunshine and gave me a real 'ah ha!' moment.  I'm determined to live better, with less clutter, less stress, less having a million things to do and never really finishing anything.  I've been reading this blog whenever I get a chance and am feeling so inspired.

Some blogs are just a breath of fresh air.  The lovely Brooke put me onto this one just yesterday (thank you!!) and it's oh so sweet!  I'll definitely be adding it to my list.
Gala Darling's ten questions about her life.  Call me nosy, but I kind of love it when bloggers get personal and dish out some dirt about themselves.  Gala answers questions on everything from her writing habits, to wardrobe tips, to hanging onto girlfriends.  Her ever positive attitude is always infectious.

A Cup of Jo's inspiring series on motherhood and finding balance.  This is a topic that weighs so heavily on my mind these days, so it's nice to hear about other women who manage to balance it all.  This is kind of a cute blog anyway, she has a habit of touching on topics that make you blush a little.

*Sigh* I just never get tired of the House in Habit blog.  This mama of (almost) four takes the most beautiful photos, in fact she almost has me convinced that I need to move to the desert!  I also highly recommend following her on instagram.

I don't get up to much crafty business these days (who has the time with a toddler to chase?!) but when A Beautiful Mess did a post on making your own rag rug today I got pretty excited.  I've always wanted to make one and am ashamed to say that the ones we currently have are cheap and nasty Warehouse numbers.  I have been trying to figure out what to do with all the strips of fabric from our wedding backdrop... and now I've found the perfect solution!

Phew there we have it, that's quite a list for our first Links to Love of the year.  I stopped doing these a while back when I just wasn't getting a chance to go online anymore but I've been finding so much inspiration out there that I though it was time for a come back.  You can check out previous links here.

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