Friday, April 11, 2014


These past couple of weeks have felt like we're clinging onto the final days of summer.  Any moment now it's going to slip out of our grasp for another year and we're going to be spending dark afternoons huddling in front of the fire.  So we're having last bbq's, last beach days, and last sun drenched mornings exploring the markets.  I'm feeling a little nervous about winter to be honest. I'm wondering how endless days holed up in our tiny, cramped house is going to go down with a toddler.  I'm mentally trying to plan lots of excursions.  I'm stalking blogs like this for ideas (surely if a mama of two living in a tiny apartment in New York can get by then so can I!).  That aside it has been a good month though.  Several birthdays were celebrated, plenty of family has been visiting from overseas, we're all working hard at the moment, the garden is still cranking out vegetables and we're all in good health.  What more could you want in life right?!

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  1. This winter has nearly killed me - i've been so depressed and wanted to come home so badly! Looking at your lovely summery photos has helped though. That table setting is a dream!

    I've just discovered this blog which I think you might like: Do you know it?