Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Phew, so Tuesday night had the three of us huddled in bed together while 145 knot winds howled through the bamboo outside.  The next morning (rather bleary eyed at 530am) we looked out of the window and saw the lawn covered in a brown blanket of autumn leaves and branches.  The power was out, the taps were groaning and empty when we tried to turn them on and the only real comfort were the embers in the fire place still glowing hot from the night before.  We huffed and puffed until the flames began to flicker again, and then sat down to a picnic style breakfast of cold leftover soup and crackers. After that everybody crawled back into bed and by lunchtime our groaning bellies finally prompted us to get dressed and treat ourselves to a Mexican lunch.  By the time dinner rolled around we were still powerless so used the excuse to treat ourselves to Japanese.  So far this power cut business wasn't as bad as it initially seemed.  Sure we hadn't showered in two days, the dishes were piling up in the sink, the toilet was... hmm yeah lets not talk about the toilet... but on the flip side we had full bellies, warm toes and without technology to distract us we actually had some damn good conversations!  Having said all that, waking up and being able to have a hot shower this morning, mmm it felt so luxurious.

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