Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A peek at... ME!

Hello, so this is the mysterious me! Thought maybe it was time I threw a photo of myself in the mix. I will certainly endevour to post more pictures of myself, it's just a little tricky because I can't for the life of me figure out how to use photoshop so the quality always winds up being pretty poor.

I have been working at the bar/ cafe all day which is always fantastic for people watching. Two slightly mature women (late 40's - late 50's) caught my attention today because they were both wearing figure hugging pencil skirts and looked absolutely stunning! I always sort of assumed that one might reach a certain age where ones body goes too far south to be able to wear something so snug but these women really proved me wrong today. One woman who I think never fails to look amazing is actress Dame Helen Mirren, at age 62 her looks just seem to keep improving! Wouldn't you agree?

Oh and on a different note, I have to share a great hidden spot I found recently... I walk the same route to work everyday and only last week did I notice the most adorable little cake shop tucked away in the corner of Upper Queen St. The decor is exactly how I would like my kitchen to look! The walls have been painted in pastal pink and green stripes, the counter and shelves are very victorian looking, and the little cakes are just so sweet. So I trudged down on one of my days at home to treat myself. I think the it is called Maggie's Cake Kitchen.

Okay well I'm going away for the weekend so won't be writing again until Monday or so. Not that i think anybody other than myself actually reads this blog but just in case I thought I'd better let you know. Have a great weekend.


I am always very reluctant to post photo's of myself because a) I find myself quite un-photogenic, b) I'm pretty challanged when it comes to technology and can't for the life of me figure out how to use photoshop, and c) well I'm just really quite shy! But I thought I'd brave it just this once so you can see who I am. This is me from the other night, please note that I am not wearing a scrap of make up and have a ridiculous beehive hair-do!

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