Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two Burlesque shows in one weekend!

So I have not one but two Burlesque shows to go to this weekend! Obviously I am extremely excited at the prospect of getting dressed up two nights in a row... but it's also very stressful. Although I probably have more beautiful dresses and skirts than I should have, I never really have a reasons to wear them (I know I shouldn't need a reason but I am just too lazy otherwise). So anyway I am finding it very difficult to pick the right outfits! Here are some dilemma's I often find myself having...
The question is always stay-ups or suspenders, seamed or fishnet? Naturally I much prefer suspenders, they look better and just make you feel like that much more of a lady BUT I've never quite figured out how to wear them under a snug pencil skirt without the suspenders showing through. I've spent countless hours studying old movies and still can't understand it!
The next problem is seamed vs fishnet. I suppose it depends on what look you're going for but I have to say that without looking trashy I think that fishnets can do wonders for an outfit. On the other hand there is nothing more alluring than those seams running up your leg and disappearing under your skirt!

I'm 5'10, so towering heels just aren't an option for me. I know there are those women that don't mind being several heads taller than their men but personally it makes me feel uncomfortable so unfortunately that means I am a wee bit restricted by what I can wear. What irritates me the most is that half of what makes a pencil skirt and a pair of seamed stockings look so great is the definition that an impossibly high heel gives the leg. Nevertheless we're stuck with what we're given and simply have to make the best of it so I usually end up in kitten heels and make sure the the main emphasis is on my waist... that way my legs aren't center of attention!

Underwear is another area I haven't quite figured out when it comes to panty lines under your skirt. It's all good and well have these adorable knickers but seriously with all the frills and lace how on an earth do you disguise that under your outfit? I'm not a fan of g-strings, I find that they really don't look good on anybody but sometimes it just really is the only option.
Grumbling aside, my favourite undergarment would have to be a waist-cincher. Not only do I adore the curvy shape they give you, I also love the feeling of having something so snug and tight around my middle. In the end I think it's all about getting used to wearing something... like somebody pointed out to me recently, jeans really aren't particularly comfortable to wear (especially not the super tight ones that are in fashion at the moment), but we have gotten so used to them that we forget about the discomfort.

Anyway enough of that... here are a few ideas I've been playing with today (please excuse the shocking photo quality).

So now as a result my room is chaos, I'm not sure I can even see my bed anymore amongst the piles of clothes...

Time to tidy up!


  1. lol I'm in the same boat! The red dress looks fab. To get your suspenders not to show you need to wear a slip- 1/2 or full. I really wanted to wear seamed stockings but have left it too late and there are no stockists here in Hamilton....dammit!

  2. Just what I was about to say, as Rosina said you wear a that red dress and also your shoes

  3. Red dress it is then! Wore the other one to a Burlesque show last night... which was great by the way!
    As for the slip, I think I need to find some tighter ones because they always seem to slip around and end up in a bunched up mess!
    Anyway best be getting ready.
    See you tonight Rosina... hope you have a ball

  4. Oh, I like the red dress!! :) Pretty. I love your blog!
    I'm having a giveaway so enter!
    Be sure and pop by & leave a note & follow. It would really make my day! :)


  5. nice to "meet" you! i love the pencil skirts!! my favorite is the black one with what looks like emerald stones on the back? GORGEOUS!