Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day one of the make over challenge...

So this morning I DID put a dress on, and I HAVE been wearing lipstick all day long and when I left the house today I did feel a lot better about myself... although I was still convinced people were starring at me! And I'm ashamed to say I failed in the footwear department but only because I a) just didn't have any suitable shoes to go with the dress, and b) it was too damn hot to wear anything other than jandels!!
I took some bad photo's in the messy spare room, in the dirty mirror... but I just wanted to give some proof!

Thank you so much for all the tips and encouragement!
Claire: Lipstick is a great idea! Does anybody know how to wear lipstick daily and not have your lips dry out and crack in revenge? As for the heels, well I'm already 5'10 so I tend to save the heels for special occasions otherwise I'm always towering over everybody and it's amazing how much conversation you miss out on like that!
Katie: I would LOVE to wear liquid eyeliner on a daily basis but as of yet I haven't mastered the art of those sexy cat eye's! Anyone have any tips? Lip gloss is also a great idea, I've been meaning to buy some more for ages now. I don't know why I feel self conscious in my dresses, I guess I've been wearing jeans for so long now that I always feel like everybody is starring at me if I wear a dress... which I realise is completely ridiculous!
Rosina Lee: I usually put my hair in pincurls for about half an hour every morning because although I have curls they never naturally behave how I want them to! They are easy to bend into shape though! Sometimes I feel like dressing up/well is more difficult in New Zealand because we have such a casual dress code in general. It makes it easy to get lazy!
Miss Emmi: I agree that keeping it simple and not overly complicated is a good idea... especially in the beginning!
Kristen: It sure feels good to know that I'm not the only one who is feeling like this!

Tomorrow I have to work all day so that means jeans and sneakers, but I am catching up with some friends after dinner so I may just have to do a quick costume change!
Will keep you posted.


  1. yay you!!! lovely summer dress.
    I have to agree with you,I feel nz is the land of leggings, knit, and jeans. I often look around and feel uninspired bu our street fashion and stores apart for the odd exception.

  2. Of course people are staring.... CAUSE YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!
    Lippy - get one that feels nice and is in a good colour, revlon Matte range doesnt dry out too much and has lovley vintagey reds. Just put on balm at night before bed and get used to reapplying lippy often during the day. i have found I dont lick my lips at all during the day now so I dont get dry lips at all, you have to get into the habit of repallying heaps tho.
    I found benefit "babecake" and their angle brush solved my eyeliner problems, but the only catch is you have to order it from the US online. But if you can afford it their stuff is sooooooooo worth it!
    You rock

  3. I put balm on before I put on my lippie, which stops it drying out too much. I love the look of matte lipsticks but more and more I find myself leaning towards Mac's Amplified Cremes - they are about as pigmented as the mattes, and have roughly equivalent staying power, they just feel a heck of a lot nicer and are a little more shiny.

    For eyeliner, I don't flick the wing outwards - rather, I draw a line inwards to the outer corner of my eye. I find this helps with getting the two sides even. Still, nobody's perfect - just keep some q-tips on hand for cleaniups :) Felt tips are easier to control than thin brushes, I find.

  4. That dress is a lovely colour! Jealous of the sun you have it's so cold and dark here it was so windy last night and raining it was like a storm, in February.. WTF :-S

    I love the subtle and classy make-up. Re your comments your so right it is so casual in NZ! I need some eyeliner tips too x