Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two new jobs in one day...

I have been pretty down in the dumps recently, mainly because I felt like I had no direction anymore and I was bored to death of the job I have been in for 2 years now. So I was having a moan to my mum and she said there was no point in being unhappy and I should just do something I love. So two days and two 'interviews' later and I have a job at a place called First Scene who hire out costumes and props for films/ fashion shoots/ fancy parties etc, and the reason I am really excited is that they have an entire warehouse filled to the brim with vintage and historical clothing. I get to play around in it and help dress people all day long, HEAVEN!! The other job is in a cute little rockabilly/ vintage store called Peachy Keen. The pay there is terrible so I am only going to work there on a casual basis but it'll be a great place to make contacts, and I get on really well with the owners. Oh and the best thing about both jobs is that I am REQUIRED to dress up for them... preferably in vintage!
It's always scary starting new jobs but I'm pretty excited about it all the same (as you might be able to tell!).

Sorry I was going to add photo's of what I wore today but it's so damn windy outside that it completely messed my hair up and I didn't want to scare you! I was very naughty and pinched a blouse from my Etsy store. I decided that nobody was going to buy it anyway and that the colour suited me much to well not to keep!
Well I'm off to a big costume and vintage sale now held by a lady who is an amazing costume designer.
I would say today is shaping up to be a good day!

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