Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A whole lot of this and that (sorry it's going to be a long one!)...

Trade Me: Yesterday some of my (many) Trade Me purchases arrived in the post. Now I haven't been having too much luck with Trade Me recently because things never seem to end up being what they were described to be nor in the stated condition. However I was pretty happy with the purchases that arrived yesterday. This simple little day dress. It's nothing flash but it is very comfortable, especially while the weather is still so warm.

And then the book arrived that i have been waiting for with much anticipation! It is an Australian beauty book from the 1950s and it's everything I hoped it would be!

Yes I know it looks rather tattered but it is full of great tricks and tips that I think I will share with you as I get through the chapters, this is what it looks like inside...

The old dress new: I got around to dying that brown dress I bought the other day at the vintage sale. It didn't turn out how I expected! I wasn't exactly sure what kind of fabric it was so I wasn't sure how the colour would hold. What I hoped would become dark blue in fact become a strange Grey metallic colour. I don't entirely hate it but it's not really my favourite either so I might try and dye it for a second time and see what happens. I'm impatient though so I wore it out already anyway.

Same dress, different colour!

Last night: Last night I went out and caught up with an old school friend that i hadn't seen for ages, and I was about to pull on my trusty old jeans and a blouse when I remembered that NO that's not allowed anymore.

So I put on a slip and curled my hair (not that it was being particularly cooperative).

You see every time it thought I wasn't watching it would come uncurled again!

Took a silly photo to prove that I was wearing my newly dyed metallic looking dress.

Slipped on my little red heels and I was off out the door!

Anyway I'm off to the open air cinema now and that straight to bed for an early night!


  1. Great finds! I also had the book on my watch list but forgot about it, the tips from inside would make great posts. I had the same problem when dying a garment and also ended up with a grey, I ended up having more sucess with the boil in the pot method and the dylon colour stay sachet ( I just got the pot cheap at a opshop so I would ruin one from my set).

  2. Oooh, that book looks great! Make sure to let us know of any fabulous tips you see therein!

  3. those shoes!!! love! you look amazing!

  4. That does look like a great book and I love your red heels!!

  5. Hi Ruby, you left me a comment so I came over here to check out your blog. I love your style and photos (and blog header pic). Thank you so much for the nice comment and for being fabulous yourself! xo

  6. Rosina Lee: Thank you for the dying tip, I will definitely be giving the cooking method a try!

    Thank you for the comments! xx