Friday, March 5, 2010

When Trade Me buys go bad...

The other night (ok so it was a Friday night), I decided that I wasn't it the mood to go out and party and ended up spending an evening at home with Trade Me. Big mistake! I sort of lost the plot and started bidding on all sorts of rubbish and it wasn't clear to me until my purchases came trickling in through the post that I realised what I big mistake I had made! Often things either look better in photo's or simply aren't described accurately and you end up with some sort of hideous monstrosity. Let me give you some examples with a couple of dresses that arrived last week...
The Puritan (this is actually what the label says) dress: described as being a 1950s vintage dress in fantastic condition

Reminds me of:
What it actually is: a dreadful 80's number that should have been safely locked away in the depth of somebodies wardrobe years ago and never resurfaced! It has shoulder pads so impressive that it could almost be deemed as trendy again. This photo really doesn't show exactly how awful it is. And as for the fantastic condition part, it has holes all over the show and the stitching is coming undone everywhere! Not happy!

The old spinster dress: described as a vintage pinstriped dress.

Reminds me of: A particularly drab sort of nanny or school mistress outfit. Nothing about this dress makes you feel sexy!
What it actually is: I think an early 90's dress. No shoulder pads but over-sized sleeves all the same. However with a little bit of effort and re-arranging I think that this dress could be turned into something wearable... maybe!

On a brighter note, it was such a hot day again yesterday that we piled into the car in the afternoon and headed to my favourite outdoor swimming pool. It was built in the 1950's so I love the design of it. It also happens to be a salt water pool so you don't come home stinking of chlorine. I wore my vintage inspired one piece but forgot how long it takes to dry afterwards because there are so many damn layers of it! Sorry i didn't take photo's of myself but this is what the pools look like,

Anyway off to a midnight screening of Alice in Wonderland tonight, can't wait to see it!


  1. Dont you love sellers interpretations of what their garment is! often I want to comment what it really is but have to bite my tounge. The final dress has potential, shorten the sleeves, raise the hem and swap the buttons out. You could even put a contrasting bias binding on the bottom of the hem to give it a little more interest.
    Hope alice in wonderland is great I'm looking forward to seeing it!

  2. You can probably file a paypal claim against the first one since it is not as described. As for the second, I think it has potential to be nice!

  3. I think I will definitely try to work something out with the grey dress. Unfortunately for the other one there isn't much i can do except let the seller know that I am not impressed! Because it was just within New Zealand I didn't do a paypal payment but rather just a straight bank transfer. Very annoying!

  4. rachael posted a nice photo of you at beach hop on the Rita Sue face book page!/photo.php?pid=3350496&id=163173118328&fbid=355703938328