Sunday, March 21, 2010

An award for Moi?

The very lovely Miss Emmi has awarded me with this super cute award and I am very flattered. I have to list 5 random facts about myself so here goes...

1. I have a hair phobia. I absolutely detest hair that I find lying around, hanging off peoples clothes, off their chairs, in food, in the shower, ANYWHERE really! The longer it is the worse. I know you're probably thinking that this isn't terribly uncommon but I hate it to the point where it will make me throw up and/ or cry in certain situations!

2. I recently discovered and managed to make contact with a sister that I never knew existed. Strangely enough myself, her and my other younger sister all have almost identical interests. I can't wait to meet her in person one day.

3. I can be really shy in social situations (to the point where sometimes I think I probably come off as a snob) and would much rather hang out with a few close friends than go to a big party where I don't know anyone.

4. Nobody has ever been able to guess my real ethnicity.

5. I sleep walk or sleep talk almost every night. The scariest thing I ever did was get in my car and drive home at 2am... whilst asleep. I realised what I was doing when I was half way home and driving about 20km an hour on the wrong side of the road!

Well that was fun! I would now like to pass this award onto...
Golden Girl of the West for having the most fantastic vintage style, as well as a son who lets her dress him up as well!
Bitch Cakes for being totally inspiring due to her awesome accomplishments, self motivation, and pride in what she has achieved. Oh she also has killer style.
Kafferepet for also having great style, great photos, and great food to always drool over! Sadly I can't actually understand her blog but i still enjoy looking at it.
Stefanie Valentine for always being dressed to the nines and documenting it so nicely.
Dust Jacket Attic for posting endless beautiful, glamorous vintage inspired photo spreads. I just love them!

Phew well those are a few of my favourites. Most of my other daily reads have already been nominated for the award by somebody else, which is great because they deserve it!


  1. Congrats! I've just been browsing through your blog, and really enjoy your vintage style. I'm definately following now :-)

  2. Thank a bunch for this award honey! x

  3. OMG that is TERRIFYING re the car sleep driving :-O I saw a doco once on a woman that would bake and eat in her sleep she was overweight and couldn't figure out why in the day she ate so healthily and went to the gym...

  4. Francy: Thank you very much!

    Katie: I saw a doco about that poor lady! Another amusing thing that happened to me was waking up one morning to find myself wearing nothing but fishnet stockings and a scarf around my neck... and yes I was in bed alone!