Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some new finds...

Just a quick one today because I am so tired I can barely think straight! This morning I got up super early in order to have one last breakfast with my best friend, then we headed to another friends place to meet her new baby (she is hands down the most beautiful newborn I have ever seen... it might be because she weighed 9 pound when she was born and has adorable chubby cheeks already), then we had to rush off to the airport to drop Anna off so she could fly home to Germany. On my way home I decided to make a quick detour and see if there were any second hand shops in the next town and immediately spotted a St Vinnies. I found some random bits and pieces and came home happy with my loot...
I was very chuffed with this suitcase (yes I know I hardly need ANOTHER one because that brings my collection to 10 now but I couldn't resist. It is quite large and comes with the key, but what I really fell in love with was how it looks on the inside!

Isn't it cute!
I also found a couple of pairs of woman's shoes which I wish SO much I could fit my giant feet into but I just haven't got a chance! I bought them anyway because i thought somebody else might like them...

And lastly I bought some plates and saucers because I realised the other day that I have more tea cups than anything else. Don't ask me why but I love mismatched china at tea parties...

Anyway there you have it, more junk to try and find room for! I will most likely be having a stall at the markets in a few weeks time so it will be good to try and get rid of a few things!
Ok I'm off to decide whether to have a coffee or a sleep now.


  1. Oh I love old suitcases!
    And I think you can always get a pair of pretty shoes even if they don't fit you as they can look good just as they are if you keep them some place you can see admire them :)

  2. Hey pretty lady! I left you an award over at my blog :)

    (And what size are the shoes?! haha)

  3. Ooo did you? Thank you so much! The shoes I think are a size 5 and 6... I'm a size 9 and a half so there is just no way they are going to fit me!