Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Being nice to yourself...

Seeing as how this post is probably going to be a long whinge about how crappy I've been feeling lately I thought I'd start off with something different and show off my great new winter skirt (excuse the dirty blurry photo).

Isn't it great?! Look what a tiny waist and curvy hips it gives! I found it for $1 in some old second hand shop in the South Island. The best thing about it is that it is wool and very warm (actually too warm to be wearing just yet but I wanted to try it out!).

Ok now onto how crappy I've been feeling! For the last two weeks I have been extremely tired, having mega mood swings (I think my boyfriend might be just a little bit scared of me at the moment!), and now this week my body has decided to add nausea and dizziness to the mix although despite this I still have a fierce appetite. Lucky me! To make matters worse I did myself no favours by going out on Saturday night and having a wee bit too much to drink, something which I swear I will NEVER do again because I ended up being sick eight times the next day (and not just a little bit either). Anyway I know that these symptoms suggest something else but sometimes my body just does funny things so I'm going to just try and be really really nice to myself for the next week or two and see if things improve first!
Today I went to the supermarket and loaded up on good food. I'm going to cut out on as much white sugar, white flour, flavourings, preservatives etc as I possibly can. I've done this several times before over the last few years and really does make you feel much better (once your body stops craving it). As well as this I'm going to;

Eat lots of fruit and vege's. I'm a mostly vegetarian (aside from the odd bit of seafood) so I really have to watch that I eat properly. I love cooking and don't generally eat too much crap so that shouldn't be too difficult.

Make use of my 20+ year old juicer! It makes one hell of a noise and is quite annoying to clean afterwards but it still blends a great juice. My favourite is always carrot, apple, lemon and ginger. It'll be a good way to replace my afternoon coffee cravings.

Put my old gym shoes to use. I live almost right in the middle of town and everything is within walking distance so there is very little excuse not to use my own two feet! I also started to Pilates with a friend last week which was not only fun but seriously kicked my ass!

Drink lots of water. I don't actually drink any form of soda drink or anything like that so my water intake probably isn't terrible but I'm sure it could be better! I always drink a big cup of green chai tea in the morning, a cup of coffee after lunch, and then very occasionally a glass of orange juice or aloe vera juice (but I know that that often has more sugar in it than a can of coke), and the rest of the time it's really just water.

Early nights and early starts! My days of wanting to sleep in until lunchtime are long gone but when I go to bed around midnight every night then it's hard to get up at 7am when I'd like to. I feel awful if I sleep in anywhere past 9am because I feel like I'm wasting my day.

And lastly NO MORE BOOZE! I'm not a big drinker anymore anyway but every now and then I do let my hair down have a night out. The problem is once I reach a certain point I can't really stop anymore and I'm guaranteed to be one of the last ones standing (I still love and can hold my whiskey like a sailor!). But my body can't take it anymore like it used to and the way I feel the next day is rarely worth it... although I have never experienced anything quite like I did on Sunday! Anyway considering the mere thought of alcohol makes me feel sick right now I don't think that should be a problem.

Oh and lastly I am going to clean up a bit! I really think that it's true what they say that your surroundings reflect the way you are feeling. I have had my best friend from Germany staying for the last four months and as much as I love her to bits she isn't exactly tidy! So the first thing I'm going to do when she leaves on Friday is have a big clean up of my front room and restore it back to its normal state!
Do you guys ever feel this way sometimes too? What do you do to make yourself feel better? Any other suggestions?


  1. Wow the skirt is very va va voom! nice score!
    Hope you get better soon, I tend to get to get run down when the seasons change and also hit the healthy food and cut the dairy down as it makes me nauseous, I don't eat a lot of red meat so need to keep aware of my iron levels. I find lots of sunshine, dancing and "me" time helps to get me back to feeling grounded.
    Get better soon!

  2. I think the 'me' time might be a big part of the problem. As I mentioned before I've had my best friend over for 4 months, which has been amazing but between her and my boyfriend it feels like the only me time I get is when I'm asleep! And I should mention that I am somebody who needs a lot of time out otherwise I start turning into a right bitch!