Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting up to date...

Hello sorry I haven't blogged in forever. I haven't been feeling that amazing lately, always tired and having some rotten mood swings so haven't been too much in the mood for sharing. Today however is the beginning of a new week, I managed to get some sleep last night and I'm not nearly as grumpy anymore! I had a photo shoot with a friend who is a fashion photographer today. We managed to use a lot of the amazing clothes that I have from my grandmother so it was all very 1960's oriented which was interesting, especially the make up! We aren't quite finished yet but I'll be sure to post some of the photo's when they are ready. Today was also very exciting because a good friend of mine gave birth to an adorable little baby girl and I couldn't be happier for her! Anyway here's a bit of what I've been up to lately...

Went to the markets

Ate candy floss

Found a cool childrens book dated to 1946

Also scored myself another rose print to add to my collection

Checked out the amazing Lantern Festival again in the park

Got my hair cut!

Went out to celebrate my best friends last weekend in NZ

Found some really creepy looking photos on my camera the next day (yes that's me)

Got ready to shoot some photos

Including some awful 60's style make up!

And now I am lying on my bed almost asleep. Anyway like I said I will be sure to post some proper photos from the shoot just as soon as I get them. Hope you've all been well. xx


  1. Well you've been a busy birdie! Your new hair cut is lovely and I adore the pelican dress! such a great score.

  2. Thank you. I now have the same haircut I did when I was about 4 years old!

  3. I'm so jealous of your fringe, it looks great!
    Little Sister

  4. I love your haircut as well!! I have the same haircut that I did when I was little as well, sometimes when something works, it just works no matter what your age!

  5. The same hair cut i have now :)

  6. Ha you're right they are very similar!

  7. personally I think the 60s makeup looks great (at least I can't tell if you're wearing pancake foundation or not). That first outfit is great too. Perhaps you are too cute?

  8. Ha ha well thank you Melina! I'm not actually wearing any foundation, just a whole lot of pale lipstick and enough liquid eyeliner that I am still waking up with Panda eyes several days later!

  9. I love those photos!!!

    Your hair looks fab with the new cut!

    This is a fabulous entry you should post photos more often hehehe x