Saturday, April 10, 2010

A suspension, a burlesque show, and a little Dr Sketchy on the horizon

Phew the last few days have been go go go, so today I am treating myself to a day at home hanging out in my dress gown, cooking, eating, and watching old movies!
Wednesday night I went home to my mum's to celebrate my baby sisters 17th birthday. You wouldn't believe how old that makes me feel, especially because I can still quite clearly remember the day she was born! Anyway she chose to have roast chicken for dinner so it was one of the few occasions where I became a really bad vegetarian and ate a little bit of it. It just looked so good that I couldn't resist...

Thursday day I worked all day (and lost my job actually due to them trying to cut costs... what a weird feeling, especially because I have been there for over 2 years).

Friday day I worked hard on my thesis whilst encouraging myself with coffee and chocolate treats all along the way.

Friday afternoon my sister came and picked me up and we drove to her new house which was in need of a good clean before her and her boyfriend could move in properly. I think this house has a whole lot of potential. I especially love...
The mint green and cream kitchen

The fireplace

The retro light shades

The different old floral wallpaper that is in every wardrobe

Friday night I had to play assistant for a body suspension. My boyfriend happens to be a body piercer and one of the few people in New Zealand who specializes in suspensions (this is basically where several large hooks are pierced through your skin, in this case it was the guys back, and then you are attached to a large chain slowly lifted off the ground until you are literally hanging by the skin of your back!). Now although I have absolutely nothing against anybody who wants to do this I personally never intend on getting anything more pierced than the hole in each earlobe that I have now. I had also never assisted in a suspension so had no idea what to expect. My job was to snap on a pair of rubber gloves and hold the skin so that the hooks could be put through. I don't have a problem with blood or anything like that (not that there was much blood) but boy was it a strange feeling all the same! Initially the guy almost fainted and had to sit down but when he did it the second time it was pretty amazing. All of a sudden his bodies natural drugs kicked it in and he was over come with something that could really only be described as bliss. I have never seen anybody look so calm and serene... and he was hanging by hooks off his back for goodness sake! Anyway I'm not sure if you wanted such an in depth description but there you go anyway. Everybody was quite dressed up for the event, I didn't know what to expect so I wore this...

Then Saturday morning I reluctantly got up early for (because I had to walk not drive!). Spent the whole day dressing people. Rushed home when my day was done to jump in the shower and make myself presentable for a delicious night of naughtiness at the Burlesque. I have been going to burlesque shows around town for a few years now and I am very pleased at how the level of professionalism keeps going up. This show really topped any others I have seen so far. Oh and I had the pleasure of bumping into Rosina Lee there too who was looking fabulous as always. Anyway unfortunately we were so rushed that we didn't end up having time to take any photo's which I am rather disappointed by! So I'm afraid all I can offer you is this in the mirror self-portrait where my make up is coming off and the curls have come out of my hair... about 5 minutes after I took this photo I was in bed and probably fast asleep!

Ok and lastly I have been asked to model for the next Dr Sketchy session which I am rather flattered by. I have always loved the idea of Dr Sketchy but being that I have the drawing ability of a 2 year old I have never had the courage to take part, so it's nice that I can be a part of it in a different way.
Anyway my dears I better go and check on what's still cooking in the kitchen. Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. Very cool. I'm loving that green kitchen. I'm also wishing I had half as nice a body as you.
    Your newest follower, Ally.

    Visit me at

  2. Oh thank you! Trust me there are wobbly bits, I just make a point not to show them! Thank you for following :)

  3. I love the wallpaper in you sisters house esp the pink.Exciting about Dr Sketchy session, I always love the artists interpretations of the sitter. Suspension is facinating esp if you are part of the process, I have a friend who does it in Melbourne ( along with scarification) and the pictures of his work facinate me, I've also been partial to the idea of having back corsetry done as the effect is rather striking.

  4. I love the green kitchen!

  5. Thank you!
    Rosina Lee: If you ever do decide to get a back corset done then drop me a line and we can get Nic to sort you out! He's really good at what he does. Oh and yes I am rather looking forward to Dr Sketchy... only question is what to wear/ or not to wear!

  6. OMG you lost your job!? Are you OK…
    Oh suspension freaks me out hehehe. I could never play assistant I think you did well hehe.
    Lovely outfit (as per darlin')
    I can't wait to see what is sketched of you at Dr Sketchy!!!!! Fun! I enjoy burlesque too but the last few shows I've been to I've been a bit disappointed. Unfortunately……….

  7. That white dress is SMOKING HOT on you!

  8. Thank you again!
    Katie: Yeah I lost my job, it was a bit of a shock but to be honest I think it's going to be a blessing in disguise. I'm not gettin any younger and I can't work in a bar forever now can I! Plus I was working two jobs so I still have the other one to fall back on.

  9. Just a quick note to let you know that you are an awarded lady. Check on my yesterday posts.