Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hot rods and Easter eggs

Happy Easter! I hope you all had or are having a great one. Aside from not feeling very well (vertigo/ nausea etc, the same old story. I think it might be an inner ear infection) I had a pretty fantastic Easter Sunday.
It started with a bright, delicious breakfast at my mums. Easter is always a funny one over here because if you are not religious then Easter is really about celebrating spring and new life, however early April over this side of the world marks the beginning of Autumn! We like to celebrate with colour and cheerfulness all the same!

After that we dashed off to catch the tail end of the Hot Rod Blowout (yes this time of year seems to be vintage car season... though I'm not complaining!). It started raining almost just as we got there so a lot of people were already heading off home to get their cars under shelter. We also missed the beauty contest and most of the bands I think but there were still some lovely cars there anyway...

Then after that I had to rush home because my dad was coming over for afternoon tea and a catch up. My ever talented sister baked a scrumptious pecan tart (complete with an icing sugar rabbit) which we ate with lashings of cream, homemade lemonade, and coffee.

And that my dears was my day. Now I'm off to go and watch a movie and have an early night!


  1. I love nostalgia dragsters. It's too beautifull. Nice pics.

  2. I had the stomach flue for easter, so no eggs for me :(

    Your displays of eggs and fruits are so pretty! I wish my family were that creative.

  3. Great photos! The ones of the cars are fantastic.

  4. Thank you!
    Miss Emmi: Oh dear that's no good, hope you feel better soon and somebody has saved you some eggs.

  5. what a fun day! and to top it off with a yummy the little easter bunny on it!
    xoxo alison