Monday, August 30, 2010

The hair affair

I promise I will write a proper loooong post in the next couple of days but right now I just need your advice.  I had to get some photo's taken recently (natural daylight, no make up, no photoshopping... scary!), anyway when I looked at the photo's afterwards I realised that I have a very strange haircut at the moment.  And then I realised that it's not actually a 'hairstyle' at all anymore, it's just the bob I had growing out from when I last got my haircut in March!

So I need your advice... what should I do with it?  The strange thing about belonging to an agency now is that I can't do any major changes to my hair without talking to them first.  Anyway if you had any idea's I would love to hear them.
Promise I will post properly soon WITH lots of photo's.


  1. Hey Doll, I'm in the same position of growing my hair out - I have this strange ducktail look going on though fortunatly I can now tie it up. To be honest it looks pretty good now, long enough for setting and playing with, you could get some shapping around your face though this may make your curls pounce up. You could get some high lights or low lights done just to change it up a little.

    XX Rosina Lee

  2. I think you're right, I need to start having a play with it again and experimenting with curlers etc! Good luck with your hair, sort of exciting to have it longer again isn't it.

  3. Go darker and be patient and let it grow :D