Wednesday, October 24, 2012

About town: Ahoy Cutie

You know how sometimes you come across those little shops where every direction you look, you can't help but go 'awww'?!  Yeah, Ahoy Cutie is one of those stores!  It's kind of like Dia de Los Muertos dipped in candy floss.  There are beautiful old Crown Lynn plates like your grandmother had, decorated in skulls, sailing ships and Mexican religious images hanging on one wall.  On another are bone necklaces in pastel colours that look good enough to eat, and beside them hang a rack of equally cute latex underwear.  Best of all everything in store is handmade by some seriously crafty local talents. 
Ahoy Cutie is basically the new permanent home for the pop up shop we did a little while back.  I can't recommend going to check out this little store enough because there actually isn't a better place in town to stock up on Christmas presents AND support local artists at the same time!
Oh and make sure you check out this up coming market while you're at.

Currently stocking:
Rosie Squish
Bedrock Bones
Amy Trouble
Bang Cosmetics
Say Hello
Erika Ware
Brigette Boop Couture

Opening hours:
Wed & Thurs:  11am - 6pm
Friday              11am - 5pm
Saturday          11am - 4pm

214 Karangahape Rd, Auckland. (Okay this place can  be a little tricky to find because it is hidden away down an arcade. The easiest way to find it is to look out for the big Instant Finance office, you'll see a long corridor beside it.  That's where you need to wander down.  Don't be frightened, there is a whole lot of cuteness waiting for you at the end of the rabbit hole!).




  1. There are so many cool shops in Akld, when I was up recently, I didn't even manage to get through a quarter of them! I did have three kids and a husband in tow. Will have to go with the girls next time :)

    Love the light shades in the first photo. x

  2. Now,that's a lovely looking shop! We need something like that down here!

  3. I popped in before the Kinki Kandi show on the hunt for food and it looked great!

  4. This is the cutest shop ever! Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous - I'd love to check this place out!