Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oh guts

Yeah literally!  I have had a bit of an upset stomach since Christmas, but today it's really letting me know that it's unhappy.  Naturally I do the one thing I shouldn't and google my symptoms.  Pre-term labour!  Go to hospital immediately! And I'm sitting here now trying to calm myself and not freak out.  My midwife is away on holiday at the moment and although she has left some emergency number I feel reluctant to call them.  Like I think I mentioned in another post, I have an appointment with the temporary midwife on Thursday (today is Sunday) so I'm hoping things will settle down soon.  Given the quantity, frequency and richness of the food I have been eating over the past week I suppose it's no wonder that my stomach is fed up with the way I've been treating it!  So today I'm trying to be nice.  I had a bowl of homemade muesli (which is SO easy to make and a great way to avoid all the excessive sugars and salts that are in store bought muesli) with fresh blueberries and oat milk for breakfast.  For lunch I made a really simple roast vege salad that just had lemon juice, paprika and herbs sprinkled on it.  I'm drinking water like there's no tomorrow and am about to go and have a nap.  If it still hasn't settled more by later this afternoon then I promise I will call the midwife.

I tell you, this constant worrying about things is something I definitely won't miss about being pregnant!

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