Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 32 (Eight months)

Time feels like it's slowing down now.  The fact that we still have 7 - 8 weeks to go feels like an eternity, seriously I am SO ready to  meet this little one!  We basically have everything sorted except for the car seat which we have but need to take in for a safety check (because it is borrowed from a friend) and be shown how to put it in the car correctly.

Otherwise things a trucking along.  Summer is definitely here now and probably for the first time in my life I'm feeling too hot!  Seriously I usually love the heat and am the last one to complain about it, but right now it's getting a little too toasty.  As well as this it has also brought the mosquito's out in full force and these guys are vicious!  I feel like I spend the better part of the nights hunting down the ones that somehow always sneak into our bedroom.  That then in turn gets the baby excited who starts wriggling and kicking... and before I know it the sun is peeking up behind the tree's and the birds start singing.  Ha ha all good practise for what is soon to come I'm sure!

I really can't complain though, aside from a bit of an upset stomach recently (which I blame on overeating so am trying to eat only small portions of easy to digest foods) I'm still doing great. All my major aches and pains pretty much disappeared at the end of the second trimester.  I spend an awful lot of time reading natural childbirth and hypnobirth books, and trying to avoid any horror stories that people so eagerly like to share.  I feel excited, a little anxious and totally ready to do this!
P.S This will be the last maternity series post on the blog, if you want to continue following the adventure you can pop over to my personal blog HERE.


  1. You look so great. Wishing you a wonderful, fabulous new year! Sarah xxx

    1. Ah shucks, thank you :). Happy New Year to you too. xx

  2. Oh my goodness you are just beautiful sweet. That is so exciting, 2013 is going to be a year filled with lots of love and new adventures for you.
    Best wishes and much love Vanessa