Thursday, January 3, 2013

A gradual lifestyle change

 We've been thinking and talking a bit lately about our five year plan. About our hopes, dreams and the things we want to achieve.  We're really starting a new chapter at the moment with Nic finishing uni and us about to become parents.  It's scary, terrifying even sometimes and yes a fair bit of sleep has been lost!  At the same time it's also the most exciting, exhilarating times of our lives!  It really is a time for new beginnings, a chance to adjust our lifestyles and make our own family traditions.

One thing we are both certain of is that we want to  live a more sustainable lifestyle.  We've already been on this path for a little while. We compost, recycle, buy our fruit and vege at the local markets, use eco cleaning products, have invested in reusable nappies and buy mainly vintage and secondhand.  But we feel like, given our current living circumstances, that we could do more.  You see we basically live on a 20 acre farm.  I say basically because it actually belongs to my mum, we just happen to be lucky enough to live in the little cottage on her farm. The other day she mentioned that if we wanted to invest in a couple more chickens (to add to the two she already has) then she would happily share the eggs with us.  She also has some impressive vege gardens that used to feed our family of 7, but now that it's mainly just her at home it's too much food (not to mention work).  So in return for helping out in the gardens we could practically get all the the fresh, organic vegetables that we need.  Why hadn't we ever thought of this before?!  I hate going to the supermarket every week and seeing the money drain from our account because of over priced food.  We also want to invest in a bread maker.  Nic can't tolerate gluten, and gluten free bread costs an arm and a leg so we could save a ton by making our own.  I quite fancy the idea of waking up to freshly baked bread every morning!

We have several reasons for wanting to do this.  First and for most  it's to lessen our impact on the planet and get out of that buy, buy, buy consumer kind of mindset (I know I sounds like a preaching hippie right now).  It has disgusted me for a long time now but man is it difficult to leap off that train!  We also want to know where our food has come from and how it has been made/ grown.  And of course a huge reason is the financial one.  After Nic being a student for 4 years (woohoo photography degree is complete!) and me focusing mainly on being a good mama for the next year we could sure do with getting our finances in order.   There is so much work that needs to be done on the house,we need a new car, we could REALLY use a holiday and just generally bumping up our savings account.  We would much rather get our hands dirty in the garden for a couple of days a week and be able to spend the money we save on going on family adventures and occasionally eating out than wasting it at the supermarket.

The funny thing is that my mum has been living with this kind of mentality for the last 30 years.  But naturally as a kid you have to rebel against what your parents do, don't you!  So the first thing I wanted to do when I left home was move into the city and eat supermarket bread.  And now here I am yearning for the lifestyle I had growing up and wanting practically the same for my own child.  I'm super excited learn from her now though.  I suggested we challenge ourselves to living like this for one year, and after that if it's not working then fine, if it is then fantastic!

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